NOTE: You must have an active payment method on your account to be able to access most QwikPark enabled car parks. Any car parks that use the AutoPay system will require a payment method to be on your account.

To add a new payment method, go to More > Payment Methods.

Click on Add New Payment Method and then add your card details on the secure page. You can use Apple Pay or Google Pay to save time entering payment details if you prefer.

AutoPay will be assigned to your default payment (or first added) payment method. AutoPay will automatically charge you when you leave a car park to save you time paying at a machine.

Remove a Payment Method:

To remove a method, tap on any current payment option from the list then click Delete Payment Method.

Please note: you must have an active card on your account to be able to access any QwikPark car park. If you do not have any active cards, you will see a notification at the top of the app and AutoPay will be disabled: