Using permits or passes can be a useful way to book and use longer term or discounted parking. 

Find Passes and Permits

To start, you can either select a nearby car which will be shown on the homepage, or you can search for a car park by location or name on the search page:

Select the car park you want to view, then select the Season Passes tab.

You will then see a list of available passes and permits. Select the one you want to view, purchase or add:

When you select the season pass, you will see additional details including:

  • The description.
  • Price.
  • Any restrictions.
  • How long the pass is valid for.
  • Time restrictions.
  • Whether the pass Auto Renews (this means it will renew at the end of the valid period), you can disable this anytime.
  • Terms and conditions.

If you want to add the pass to your account, press the Select Start Date button to move to the purchase screen.

At the purchase screen, you will need to select the Start Date, this will then calculate the expiry date and any price. If the pass is a Pay As You Go, you will not need to pay anything.

Some passes may require you to confirm details or upload a file, this will be shown in the Additional Details section (if required).

Then you will need to select a payment method. Pay As You Go passes also need a payment method selected as this will be used once you leave a car park.

Once you have completed these steps, click Add Pass or Buy Pass.

You will then get confirmation that the pass has been added to your account. It can be viewed from My Passes.