To get great discounted daily, monthly or annual parking, you can search for a season pass from the app homepage and add one to your account anytime.

Please Note:

  • Passes and permits must be added to your account before you arrive.
  • For details on staff parking, please Click Here.
  • If you require corporate parking for a large group rather than individual accounts, please Contact Us.

Add a Season Pass

  • Tap the season passes box on the app homepage. 
  • Search for your preferred car park (location services must be active for this to work).
  • Tap any passes shown to see more details, the Terms & Conditions, access times etc.

  • At the purchase screen, select the Start Date. This will then calculate the end date and price.
  • Daily passes are Pay As You Go and do not need an upfront payment, just an active payment method.
  • Monthly and annual passes must be paid for upfront.
  • Select a payment method. 
  • Tap Add Pass or Buy Pass.

  • You will get confirmation that the pass has been added to your account. It can be viewed from My Passes.
  • You will receive an email (if enabled in your notification settings) when any pass is due to either renew or expire.

General Notes:

  • Passes may have limited access times or restricted periods. If you use the car park outside of these times, standard rates will usually apply. You can review the terms and conditions, prices and valid times on the pass at any time from the app.
  • Most season passes will replace the regular parking charges so you will no longer be entitled to tariffs such as fixed night rates. 
  • The discounted rates for the pass are always shown on the pass details page so you can easily calculate if the pass can save you money.
  • For more information on renewing and cancelling passes, please see this article Renewing Passes and Permits