To add, edit or remove a vehicle, go to Account > My Vehicles:

Here you will see your current vehicles. A maximum of 3 vehicles can be added to each account. 

Please Note: Users cannot currently share vehicles on multiple QwikPark accounts, this is because the system does not know who is driving the vehicle at the time of entry and therefore cannot determine what account to charge.

The system will allow multiple users to log in using the same username and password, so you can share your login details with someone you share a vehicle with if that is suitable for your situation.

We are working on updates for this feature now and will post details here as soon as we have them.

  • To add a new vehicle tap Add Vehicle, enter the registration number and tap save.
  • To edit a vehicle, tap on the vehicle, make the changes and save.
  • To delete a vehicle, tap on the vehicle and tap Delete Vehicle.