We've put together a quick guide to help get you set up and ready to park in just three simple steps: 

  1. Download the app
  2. Sign up
  3. Add a payment method

Step 1 - Download the app

We recommend using our app for the best experience:

Download on the App Store (IOS - Apple)

Get it on Google Play (Android)

Step 2 - Sign up

Tap the Sign Up link on the app homepage and add your details:


Step 3 - Add a payment method

  • A payment method is required to use the QwikPark app.
  • To add a new payment method, go to Account > Payment Methods.
  • Tap on Add Payment Method and add your details.

That's it!

  • When you arrive, your number plate will be scanned (it may take a second to read) and the parking session will start. No tickets are needed.
  • The app will show your parking session details, and you can add discounts from the homepage after you have parked.
  • When you leave, your number plate will be scanned, and the session will be ended. You will be charged the advertised rates, and you can view transactions and get receipts from your account anytime.
  • You do not need the app with you when you park, as long as you are fully signed up with a payment method, the car park cameras will recognise you when you arrive.

Daily and Monthly Season Passes for Discounted Parking

  • If you plan to use one of our great value daily or monthly season passes, be sure to add one before arriving at the car park. You can find and add season passes straight from the app homepage. 
  • To view more information about season passes, click here.
  • If you are entitled to staff parking rates, click here for more info.

Already parked up or left a car park?

  • If you have signed up after arriving and need to discuss an outstanding session, please contact us and our team can help you process this.
  • In future, your parking sessions will automatically start when you arrive.