We've put together a quick guide to show how easy it is to get setup and ready to park with QwikPark. It only requires 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Sign up
  3. Add a payment method

Step 1 - Download the app

Download the app for your phone here - links below or scan the barcode:

Download on the App Store (IOS - Apple)

Get it on Google Play (Android)

Step 2 - Sign Up

Once you've downloaded the app to your phone, tap the Sign Up link on the app homepage. Add your details and tap Sign In, you'll get an email confirmation and be logged in to the app.


Step 3 - Add a payment method

NOTE: You must have an active payment method on your account to be able to access most QwikPark enabled car parks. Any car parks that use the AutoPay system will require a payment method to be on your account. 

To add a new payment card, go to More > Payment Methods.

Tap on Add Payment Method and then add your card details on the secure page. You can use Apple Pay or Google Pay to save time entering any details.

And that's it!

Once you've completed step 3, you're ready to go. When you enter or exit any QwikPark enabled car park, the barriers will automatically raise. No need to press for a ticket. 

If there are no barriers, your parking session will automatically start when you enter. 

AutoPay will charge you the parking fee when you leave and you'll get a notification (if enabled) on your phone. You can view your transactions and get receipts anytime from More > Transactions.

Already parked up?

You may have already parked in a car park before you signed up to QwikPark and If this is the case then your parking session on the app will start when you next arrive. The current parking systems only allow us to process sessions if you are registered before entry.

We are working hard with the parking equipment manufacturers to try and move your current session straight to the app after sign up and will hopefully have some updates on this soon.

A quick note on some other features: