QwikPark uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to detect your car. These cameras are over 99% accurate but sometimes the cameras can either misread or simply cannot see your car registration plate (because of dirt, snow etc). 

When you arrive at the car park, if the barrier does not raise, you can press the button and take a ticket to get access.

  • If the parking system issues a ticket but you still get a notification on the app and have an active session, you can discard the ticket as the app will still process the session for you. If the barrier does not raise at the exit, please do not pay using the ticket, just press the help button and let the local team know you are using QwikPark.

  • If you take a ticket and do not have an active session on the app, you can use the ticket and pay at the payment machines as usual. When you next visit, your next session should start automatically, this will most likely just be an intermittent issue related to how the ANPR cameras are performing.

  • If you use a season pass, permit or staff whitelist, please speak with the local parking office who can validate your parking to the discounted rates. You will not need to pay if you are using a monthly season pass.

Please note:

  • If your payment card has expired or you do not have one added, you will not be able to access the car park with QwikPark.
  • If you have any outstanding payments on your account, access may be restricted. You will need to process these before the account is cleared.
  • Some passes have time restrictions for when they can be used, so be sure to check this as it may be that your current pass is not available to be used at the time you have arrived.