If you have any issues with parking charges that have been applied, please contact us by raising a support ticket.

  • We can quickly and easily arrange any necessary refunds or adjustments and explain how the charge would have been calculated.

  • If you have a session which is still running and did not end when you left, please read this article so you can end the session.

  • Please be aware that some tariffs have a mix of both day and night rates, so you may have been charged a mix of both depending on when your session started and finished. 

  • If you have any Daily or monthly passes on your account, these will have their own prices and tariffs. You can view these on the Passes tab on the app.

We will ensure you will only pay the correct amount for your parking session. No fines or fees will be applied if you are waiting to clear a transaction with us.

The car park owners set prices and terms, so if you are entitled to any corporate discounts, staff parking, etc, we may need to contact the car park owner to confirm any agreement details or restrictions.

Please be aware that QwikPark is a marketplace operator, and we don't own the car parks or set the prices you pay in any car park; however, we will always make sure you pay the correct and advertised rates.