• You must be parked and have an active session to be able to add a discount.
  • After you have parked, tap Add Discount from the app homepage.

To add the discount you can either:

  • Type the code into the discount code box.
  • Scan a discount QR barcode.

  • Validated parking QR codes will be in the same location as the ticket validation machines.
  • The QwikPark QR discount code will not come from a printer or on a receipt, it will look like the example below:

  • Once the discount code has been applied, you will see the discount name at the bottom of your session page and your price will be automatically adjusted.
  • If there are any issues with the discount code (expired, invalid etc), the app will display the error message on screen.

If you have any issues with the discount or rates applied, please contact us.