We are aware of an issue with the Galleria's payment system and some payments are not being processed. We are working to fix this as a priority, you do not need to change your payment details. We will send an email to update all users once this is resolved.

We apologise for any issues with the Galleria Parking.

Payment Failed

Occasionally, there may be an issue with a payment, which will result in a failed payment attempt. This can be for many reasons. Most banks withhold payment due to random security checks, but this can also be due to things such as:

  • Incorrect expiry dates
  • Fraud checks
  • Limited funds
  • Expired cards

Unfortunately, the banks give limited information as to why the payment has failed.

Please Note: If your account has more than 2 failed payments, access will be restricted to all car parks until this is resolved.

To clear a failed transaction, go to Account > Transactions. From here you can use the filter or scroll to see any failed transactions. Then you can tap on these to see the full details, along with the option to Retry Payment:

QUICK FIX TIP: If your payment continues to fail, your bank may need further approval. To resolve this, you can either add a new card or add the same payment method again and set the newly added version as default. This will usually rectify the issue as it updates the bank approval. 

Once you have re-added the card, you can remove the old version.

If this does not work, you may need to contact your bank directly and ask them to remove any blocks they have in place. 

If you have any issues with payments, please Contact Us.