Late Pay:

If you have downloaded the app after arriving or have already left the car park, you can easily pay for your session on the Galleria Late Pay page on the app.

  • Search for The Galleria and select the Late Pay page.
  • Tap on Book or Pay for Parking.
  • Select a vehicle.
  • Select a start time - We will adjust this automatically if it doesn't match the local data.
  • Select a duration - please ensure you select enough time to cover the period you were in the car park.

Once you have selected the 3 options, your price will be shown, and you can process the payment. We will automatically link your payment to your previous sessions. 

The app will inform you if there are any issues with the selected time periods; once the payment is complete, your session will be processed and cleared.

When you next arrive, your new session will start and end automatically (using AutoPay) on the app, and you will no longer need to use the Late Pay option.

If the payment option button is missing from the page, please ensure you are using the latest version of the app. The app should update automatically, but you can also check the app stores for the latest version.

Please be aware that we do not own or manage the local parking machines, we only offer an alternate way to pay. If you have any issues with payments on the local parking machines, you will need to speak directly with the Galleria customer services team on 01707 256860.

Please contact us if you need any further assistance.