I've signed up after arriving:

  • For a parking session to start on the app, you must be signed up before you enter a car park. 
  • If you have signed up after arriving, you can still pay at the usual payment machines. Your session will start automatically when you next arrive.
  • If you have parked at the Galleria, you can use the Late Pay option. You can view more details here.
  • If you have any issues with a previous session, please contact us, and we can quickly check the details for you to ensure everything is processed ok. 

I've already signed up, but I have no session showing:

  • If your session did not start, the local number plate cameras may have misread your number plate. 
  • If you were issued a ticket, you can use this to pay for your parking.
  • If you are entitled to any special rates or have a season pass, please contact the local parking office using the pay machine help points or visit the parking office, and they can validate your ticket if you show them your QwikPark account. You will not be required to pay the full parking rates if you have a valid discount pass.
  • You can also contact us and we will review the session for you and rectify any issues for your next visit.
  • Please note that if you have any outstanding payments on your account, the account may be on hold until these are cleared. You can view outstanding transactions in Account / Transactions and retry payments. Once they are clear, your account will automatically activate.